Candle Style Reference


Candle Style refers to the GUI support in Candle Runtime. Candle Runtime provides complete GUI support that covers GUI layout, rendering, event cascading and handling. Candle Style module is like a mini Gecko engine in Mozilla or WebKit in Chrome and Safari.

Candle Style supports a new style markup language, which is a unification of XHTML, CSS, SVG elements and attributes. A few new tags, like <window/>, <popup/> are added to allow the GUI to run directly as a windowed program on desktop.

The purpose of this module is for people to develop rich GUI applications for both Internet and desktop environment, but with one set of unified markup elements and attributes.

This module is still being developed and currently only runs on Windows. Porting to Linux is incomplete at the moment.

Backward HTML/XHTML compatibility is also under development.

When this module is more polished, more documentation shall be provided for you to try it out.