Candle Roadmap

Candle Development and Release Cycles

Candle's development and releases are carried out under 3 kinds of cycles:

Delayed Candle 1.0 Release

After some serious consideration, I've decided to postpone the 1.0 formal release, as some of the fundamental query features are still being worked on. So you'll expect several beta releases before the 1.0 Formal Release.  But most of the features promised in 1.0 have already been delivered in 0.11 beta release.

Below, you can see the progress on the promised Candle 1.0 features:

Candle 0.13 Beta Release

Candle 0.13 was released on May 21, 2012.

With this beta release, Candle is one step closer towards Candle 1.0 release. There are quite some markup and query syntax changes. With this beta release, the markup syntax is more or less finalized.

Candle 0.14 Beta Release

Candle 0.14 shall be released around Aug, 2013. This shall be the final beta release before Candle 1.0 release. The target of this beta release is to finalize the markup and query syntax.

Future Candle Releases

 The major areas in Candle that need to be worked out include: